Unicorn Autograph Pink Chunky 80% Tungsten Steel Tip Ladies Darts

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Unicorn Autograph Collection 80% Tungsten Darts Autographed darts collection 80% Tungsten configured by and for lady players for real style on the oche.Pink Rings. Engraved Unicorn Hallmark for sign of Quality. Match weighted within 0.1gram.

Comes With
One set of 3 80% Tungsten Barrels
One set of 3 Gripper Shafts
One set of 3 Pearlescent Flights
8 Flight Protectors
One Compact Case

Weight And Barrel Type Width Length
Autograph 25g 8.48mm 44.15mm
Autograph 27g 8.7mm 43.82mm
Autograph 29g 8.99mm 46.7mm