Target Vapor 8 Steel Tip Darts - VP04 - 21g

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These 80% Tungsten darts have been created to provide a professional level dart at an entry level price
point in enough shapes, weights and designs to suit any playing style.  Vapor brings a modern, Urban
feel the entry level target range and ensures the Target brand is accessible to players on any budget. 
The Vapor range features a wide variety of barrel shapes, weights and designs, with a distinctive Black
and Red ringed grip each barrel.  All of the Vapor 8 range barrels will be laser logod with black 32 mm
points.  The darts come fitted with Target Pro Grip shafts, Vision Ultra flights and dart wallet.
Weight Points Barrel Length (mm) Barrel Diameter (mm)
21g 26MM BLACK POINT 50.45 6.35