Target Phil Taylor Power Gen 2 Dart Stems

Target Phil Taylor Power Gen 2 Dart Stems

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Phil Taylor Gen 2 Pinch Grip Titanium Dart Stems / Shafts by Target

1 Set of 3 Titanium Dart Stems / Shafts

These are the Pinch Grip GEN 2 dart stems used by Phil Taylor on his 9Five Generation 2 Darts.

Exclusively developed for and endorsed by 16 X World Champion Phil 'The Power' Taylor.

Designed to Phil's exact specification, the Power-Titanium Generation 2 is 0.5g heavier than the original Power-Shaft helping to create the perfect balance for the stacking style of play.

Medium - 44.2mm - Weight: 2.8G
Intermediate - 37.9mm - Weight: 2.4G
Short - 32.5mm -Weight: 2.0G