Target Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 3 Steel Tip Darts

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The Phil Taylor Power 9-Five Generation 3 from Target Darts. The next Generation in Dart technology has been developed for Phil ‘The Power’Taylor – 16 times Champion of the World.
Phil spent 2 months working with Target to get the product exactly right. Phil needed additional grip on the rear of the barrel and more synergy between the barrel and his thumb and finger. The solution is Silica Titanium Nitride, the hardest dart coating in the world which for the first time is overlaid on the Pixel Grip.
Phil’s new barrel features a dual coating of Gold Titanium Nitride and the Worlds hardest dart coating – Silica Titanium Nitride, a combination to protect and enhance Targets unique Pixel grip. Silica coating is used in Formula 1 to protect components from damage in extreme conditions. The Silica coating on the Generation 3 Phil Taylor dart will protect and maintain the Pixel grip.
The Phil Taylor Power-9-Five Generation 3 features the new Silica coated, Titanium Shaft with enhanced grooves at the base of the shaft.
Phil Taylor Generation 3 9five Darts
Choose Your Weight: 22g, 24g, 26g
22g - Length 45mm, Width 7.75mm
24g - Length 45mm, Width 7.75mm
26g - Length 47.2mm, Width 7.8mm