Target Hema 01 Swiss Point 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

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The Hema range, a multi barrel collection featuring dynamic milling, radial grooves, and vibrant colour schemes. The series has been modelled to offer a large scope of shapes & designs for every player. 

The formation of each barrel focusses on a combination of CNC milling & radial grooves throughout the which is overlaid with red and black performance coating.

The finished barrel designs offer a strong but subtle grip and feel which suits all techniques and throws. This range comes with a Hema exclusive red Pro Grip Shaft, Hema signature flights & Swiss Points.

Name Point Length (Dart Only) Point Type Barrel Length (mm) Barrel Diameter (mm)
HEMA 90% 01 SP STEEL TIP 22G DART 2021 26mm SP 54 6.3
HEMA 90% 01 SP STEEL TIP 24G DART 2021  26mm SP 54 6.4