Powerglide Excalibur 57 Inch 3 Piece Pool Cue 8.5mm Tip

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A 3 piece English pool cue with an Ash shaft, Rosewood hand splices and multi colour veneers. Matched grain at the centre joint, 8.5mm tip with a brass ferrule and 57" long.


Cue Length  57" (144cm)
Shaft Length  70.5cm (27.7") excluding the protruding male joint and tip
 48cm (8.8") excluding the protruding male joint
Butt Length  26cm (10.2")
Shaft  Ash with enhanced grain
Tip  8.5mm, brass ferrule
Butt  Hand spliced Rosewood 
Decoration  Multi colour veneers
Joint  Brass
Butt End Joint  No
Available Weight  Assorted